Aetna’s Virtual Wellness Center FAQs

What is the Aetna Virtual Wellness Center?

The Aetna Virtual Wellness Center is a completely computer-based wellness program that focuses on two components of your physical well-being: physical activity and nutrition. It includes:

  • The Wellness Works Fitness Center, featuring animated coaches, workouts appropriate for all levels of fitness and full-length exercise videos including Pilates for Beginners, Mind Body Techniques, Stretch Breaks, Cardio-Pump and Express Circuit.
  • The Wellness Works Kitchen, featuring heart-healthy cooking demonstrations and recipes.

Who is eligible to use the Aetna Virtual Wellness Center?

At this time, the Virtual Wellness Center is only accessible by employees. All employees can use the Aetna Virtual Wellness Center, which is located in the Aetna Learning Center (search for Course #115282).

Why is Aetna offering this type of program to employees?

Aetna believes strongly in helping employees achieve their optimal health. With the strong relationship between physical activity and nutrition and many health conditions, providing employees with exercise and nutrition opportunities can help them achieve their best health.

Who built the Aetna Virtual Wellness Center?

This program was built by Aetna employees for Aetna employees.

Aetna employees featured in the Virtual Wellness Center are home-based and office-based employees currently living in Connecticut, Florida and Pennsylvania. The videos featuring Aetna employees were produced in Hartford, Connecticut by the Aetna Television Network Department. All workouts that are part of the virtual Fitness Center were designed by Aetna physiologists located in our Hartford, Blue Bell and Phoenix locations.

Program design and all programming, animation, custom design/illustration and voiceover work was completed by the NCO Central Development Learning and Performance Organization.

How much space do I need to be able to perform the exercises featured in the virtual Fitness Center?

The minimal recommended exercise space is 3’ x 5’. Many participants will have adequate room to perform all or most of the exercises at their virtual workspace simply by moving the desk chair and rearranging or relocating a few other items. Participants with laptops can determine the best location to perform the exercises.

Do I need exercise equipment?

Participants must own or be willing to purchase minimal exercise equipment such as light hand weights/dumbbells, a stability ball and/or resistive tubing. This type of inexpensive exercise equipment can be found at your local sporting goods store. If you do not own or wish to purchase this type of exercise equipment you can try substituting for them with common household items. For example, in place of light hand weights or dumbbells you can use soup cans or laundry detergent bottles. Don’t forget about the Wellness Reimbursement Program if you need exercise equipment for your home.

Can I still access the Virtual Wellness Center if I’m away on vacation or traveling for work?

Yes, if you can access the Aetna network.

Is there a charge for this program?

No. The program is free.

My workday is very full and my personal life is very busy. How much time will this take?

Employees can use the Aetna Virtual Wellness Center during the workday while on their break or lunch hour. The program can be accessed any time — day or night, weekdays and weekends. Each participant may decide, based on job responsibilities and commitments, the days of the week and times of the day that are most convenient to workout or prepare a recipe.

Workouts in the Fitness Center range in duration from five minutes to 45 minutes. Recipes featured in the Kitchen vary in preparation time and complexity. Most cooking demonstration videos are two to three minutes. It is recommended that participants view a cooking demonstration for cooking and nutrition tips prior to preparing the recipe at home.

What if I start the program and get caught up with work or personal obligations that prevent me from participating? Do I need to notify anyone?

No. You can return to the program in the Aetna Learning Center at any time.

I work in the office and can’t perform the workouts at my cubicle. Can I access the program and workouts from my home computer?

If you want to perform the workouts at home, you may be able to via Xtranet Advanced Features. You can find Xtranet Advanced Features User Instructions at, or contact Aetna’s SPOC/Helpdesk at 888-905-9500.

When can I begin participating in the Aetna Virtual Wellness Center?

You can start now! Go to the Learning Center, search for Course #115282 and then click the “Start” button to register and begin participating in the Aetna Virtual Wellness Center Program.